Revolutionise the way you use power

Not traditionally an AV consideration but sometimes something from left of field can impact hugely on the whole architecture of how an installation can be achieved.Take for example the provision of power…

No longer do you have to worry about how many power outlets you require for your AV project. There is a new product available which will provide truly flexible access to mains electricity wherever it is required. The product is called Mainline and is basically a power track that allows users to instantly add, reposition and remove power sockets anywhere along its length.

Mainline provides truly flexible access to mains electricity wherever it is used, by overcoming the restriction imposed by fixed power outlets in room layouts. It also conforms to all the relevant standards once it is installed correctly and is safe.

Mainline track is purchased in 2.2m lengths and can be cut smaller as required or joined for larger spans. Simply attach the backing track to the wall and snap into place the front of the track. One termination at the end into the mains supply and the system is live and available for use, anywhere along its length.

This Aussie product might just turn things on its head.